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Search through the largest database of key decision-makers in your niche and find their contact information to use for your sales outreach campaigns.

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Personalize cold emails, automate follow-ups, and engage with leads. Leadsplant is your sales automation and cold email software in one.

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What customers say about us

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer, Owl Eyes

Our agency uses Leadsplanet for generating new business. The tools are amazing and very easy to use. Spencer and the support team are great.

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer, That Biz

I love how easy it is to work with the Leadsplanet software. The tools are the best I have seen out there and a lot cheaper than other options.

Jack GrahamCo founder, Coffee Inc

We have been using Leadsplanet for over a year and we absolutely love it. The tools have become an essential part of our sales process.

Zak ReidBusiness developer, Skate Nao

We use Leadsplanet for all our clients and the results we are generating are great. I would highly recommend Leadsplanet to other B2B companies.

Jake AdamsSales exec, webinterepret

We run high volume email outreach and leadsplanet offered us the right tool to do that with the unlimited senders accounts. Highly recommended!!

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