Here are some templates you can use to build your emails around. You can just fill in the blanks,  but once you get comfortable, you’ll probably have your own ideas for how to build these messages.

  • Keep track of which subject lines and messages work for you.
  • Experiment to see if you can get a better response.
  • Ultimately, the right answer is the one that works for you.

These templates are based on lots of practice, studying the research and just plain trial and error. We’ve seen them work in the past, and they may very well be exactly what you need. Every business is different, so don’t be afraid to mix and match and try new things. Once you find a formula that delivers, stick with it! Even if it doesn’t fit anyone’s pattern, what works is what matters.


Most cold emails fall into one of two categories

  1. Referral: You’re messaging a manager, or executive in a company, asking them to refer you to the right department or person
  2. Call to action: Messaging the decision maker directly, asking for a sale, sign up or to schedule an appointment to discuss business.

Referral template subject line top secret!

Here is the single best subject line for any referral email, ever. You can add a name, or your name, but we find sending this on its own is very potent, are you ready?

“Can you please point me in the right direction?”

This single line appeals to the expertise of the recipient and makes them feel like you are asking for their help. You’ve recognized that you need that help to make a connection. It’s subtle, but it works!

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