Linkedin Scraping: What’s it and how it’s done in 2022

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LinkedIn scraping has grown in popularity in the recent years, in particular with the the expansion in the B2B and Saas business across the world. In this article, I will walk you through different ways for your to scrape LinkedIn, without using a developer or require any prior experience. without further ado, let’s dig in:

What is scraping?

Scraping is a computer technique that systematically retrieves information on a web page, in order to re-use it in another context. 👆

Why LinkedIn scraping?

Scraping allows you to retrieve valuable information on Linkedin, for example, to build up a leads pipeline, prospecting file, enrich your CRM or even to find out about your competitors.For example, you can take advantage of a user base of over 500 million members on LinkedIn by collecting information from members’ public profiles. And it is 100% legal! 💥

Find anyone’s email at any company, to book more sales meetings on your calendar. What’s this mean for you? More customers and leads for your business. That’s what every business owner dreams of, correct?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You can learn how to scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator by using a third-party tool. These programs offer demo versions and data sets, and even provide the infrastructure you need to collect data. The best LinkedIn scraper has many benefits, including data cleansing and automated collection.

One of the best tools for scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator is Leadsplanet.co It is a visual scraper that allows you to see the data it extracts quickly. This scraper also allows you to easily identify which data you’re after. It isn’t difficult to use, but it’s not free. Once you’ve installed the tool on your browser, you’ll be able to scrape any profile on the social network.

How to Scrape LinkedIn With Leadsplanet

  • Create a free account On Linkedin & leadsplanet
  • Download the extension and instal it to your chrome
  • Perform any search on Linkedin or Salesnavigator
  • Click start on the plugin
  • All the search results you see, will be stored on your list with their emails (personal & business) and phone numbers if available

Benefits of linkedin scraping:

  • Light but powerful extension
  • Extract emails or auto connect

Here you go, and thats a wrap about LinkedIn scraping, a breeze, right? 😉

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